Rave Festival:Tips To Get Ready For The Glow Up!

Rave Festival: Tips To Get Ready For The Glow Up!

Attending a rave festival can be an unforgettable experience, and knowing how to prepare for it is vital. While there are many aspects to consider when gearing up for an epic night of fun, ensuring you have the right look should be at the top of your priority list. From curating the perfect fluorescent outfit to finding glowing accessories and UV paint, a lot goes into preparing for a rave! Here’s all you need to know about crafting your perfect rave look and standing out this year. 

A beginner’s guide to attending your first rave festival. 

Attending your first rave festival can be an exhilarating and life-changing experience as long as you come prepared. To ensure you have the best time possible, some basic tips are essential for all beginners to remember before attending a rave festival.

First of all, make sure to dress comfortably and stylishly. Rave festivals attract people from all walks of life, and every style is accepted. However, showing off your unique look is always fun by wearing psychedelic prints, bold colors, neon hues, or eye-catching patterns to stand out from the crowd! Additionally, wear comfortable shoes so you won’t get dancing throughout the night.

Also, bring a valid form of identification in case it’s required at entry or if there’s any need for verification inside the event grounds. It never hurts to be prepared with ID just in case! Of course, bring enough cash or cards with you too. Usually, festivals provide places where people can buy food and drinks throughout the night. Plus don’t forget snacks for yourself – having some energy during those long hours will help keep up your energy levels!

Finally but most importantly: Be aware of your surroundings at all times! Since raves involve large crowds with varying music volumes and bright lights (or lack thereof), make sure that you’re not getting too lost in the atmosphere so that nothing wrong ever happens during your experience; be cautious when introducing yourself or talking to others partygoers as well since not everyone has good intentions when it comes down to strangers mingling at these events – safety first should always come above anything else afterall!

These guidelines should help guide you through what could become one of the wildest nights ever – enjoy responsibly though no matter how much joy rockin’ out may give – so have fun and stay safe while exploring each rave’s infinite possibilities!

Looking to channel the celebrity vibe at your next Rave Festival?

You’re in luck! Achieving that sought-after look doesn’t require breaking the bank. However, before splurging on expensive outfits, consider a few guidelines.

First and foremost, stay true to your style. Opt for a celebrity look that complements your individuality instead of drastically altering your appearance. Comfort is vital, so choose outfits that make you feel confident and at ease.

Additionally, assess your existing wardrobe and repurpose any items that could fit the desired aesthetic. Upcycle old clothes with ties, glitter, gems, or cuts to create “new” outfits.

Lastly, take inspiration from celebrities who themselves rave and flaunt impeccable style. Our top six recommendations will surely elevate your outfit game.

1- Emma Roberts

Known for her acting roles in American Horror Story and in comedy films like We’re the Millers, Emma Roberts has also become a fixture on the festival scene. From Coachella to other summer shows, she and her fiancé Evan Peters can often be found enjoying the festivities. Roberts acknowledges that Coachella has undergone some changes to appeal to a more affluent audience, but that hasn’t stopped her from showcasing her festival fashion sense year after year.

2- Dua Lips: 

Dua Lipa sports an effortlessly chic tracksuit ensemble, complimented by a coordinating bralette and bold, avant-garde rectangular shades for enhanced style.

3- Adwoa Aboah

Adwoa Aboah was sporting a trendy pair of electric blue cat-eye sunglasses that caught everyone’s attention. Her stylish look was completed with a matching Hunter backpack and a comfortable outfit that perfectly complemented her bold choice of accessories.

4- Emma Corrin: 

Emma Corrin keeps her belongings in sight while embracing the popular bum bag trend. She chooses it to dress down her floral tank top and shorts in combination with chic simplicity.

5- Alexa Chung: 

Alexa Chung shone in a metallic mini-slip dress with low-riding wellies. Her festival ensemble was completed with multiple jackets; one tied around her waist and the other casually draped over her arm, showcasing the art of layering.

6-  Winnie Harlow: 

Model Winnie Harlow elevates festival fashion with her distressed jeans, paired effortlessly with a daring bralette and trendy rose-tinted sunglasses. Turn heads and make a statement in this must-have festival attire.

Preparing for a rave festival: what to pack? 

When heading to a rave festival, you must bring the right gear to ensure you have what you need for a safe and fun experience. Here are some must-have items for your packing list:

Clothing and Accessories: Temperature can be unpredictable at raves, so it’s best to pack layers of clothing that can be easily added or removed. Choose lightweight fabrics in bright colors or bold designs for the ultimate rave style. Don’t forget about accessories such as hats, bandanas, sunglasses, and jewelry.

Footwear: It’s essential to wear comfortable shoes with adequate support when attending any dancing event. Ideally, look for shoes with a good grip on the soles that won’t stick in the mud if there is rain or damp terrain near the event location. Even if you plan on wearing a pair of sneakers or sandals during your festival experience, ensure it has arch support, and don’t forget extra socks!

Protection from Sun/Rain: Alongside physical protection against sun exposure (sunscreen), consider bringing along an umbrella or poncho in case inclement weather arrives unexpectedly during your festival visit.

Personal Hygiene Essentials: To stay fresh throughout the long days at festivals staying hydrated is vital! Make sure to bring enough water bottles and wipes in case there aren’t showers at the venue(s). In addition, consider bringing along hand sanitizer & facial mist spray; these will come very handy during warmer months like summertime and may help keep away dreaded sweat headaches!

Medical Supplies & First Aid Kit: Keep handy first aid supplies within reachable distance such as painkillers (ibuprofen), gauzes, medical tape & bandages, and aloe gel in case of sunburn. Also, throw it into your bag insect repellent just in case it’s necessary. Tools like safety pins that repair broken straps on flip-flops or bags can be handy. 

Glow-up tips for Rave Festival. 

Going to a rave festival is an incredible experience; you want to ensure your look is on point. Here are some helpful glow-up tips for looking fabulous at a rave:

  • Wear neon colors – 

Bright hues like yellow, pink, green, and blue will draw attention to you in the crowd and make for fantastic photos! Anyone wearing something in these colors will stand out from the rest of the crowd!

  • Psychedelic prints – 

One of the most popular forms of dress at raves is psychedelic prints. These vibrant designs create an eye-catching look and can be found in everything from psychedelic tees to floppy hats. They come in many different shapes and sizes so it’s easy to find one that fits your personal aesthetic. Mixing and matching colors or clashing patterns can also add a fun, playful vibe to ensure everyone notices you. 

  • Accessorize with glowing jewelry –

 Items like earrings, necklaces, and bracelets can make you stand out even more when everything else glows under UV lights. Many people choose body jewelry which adds another dimension, but it’s optional so feel free to pick whatever best suits you!

  • Layer clothing items – 

Layering different types of clothes adds depth and texture to your outfit without overcrowding; think about combining tops with bottoms or skirts over shorts if possible! This way you won’t have too many conflicting elements clashing together when flashing lights or visuals change suddenly throughout the event.

  • Don’t forget your face paint – 

There are countless combinations available so experiment with what works best for your skin tone/texture before attending any raves – adding some shimmery eyeshadows might help add extra sparkle while also enhancing facial features such as cheeks or brows when illuminated by UV lighting systems found inside these venues. 

Need Help? 

Overall, attending a rave festival can be an incredible, life-altering experience. Follow these essential tips, and you’ll be ready and set for the festival of your dreams. Remember to prioritize safety, comfort, and hygiene during your preparation— it’ll help ensure you’re having a good time and your friends. Also, be sure to prepare for any unexpected weather changes or obstacles that may come up throughout the event. Most importantly, don’t be afraid to get wild and let loose at the rave to create lasting experiences with friends. For more advice on engaging in glow-up festivities and festivals, check out Elysian Arts. Our website is full of unique Festival products, resources, guides, and tips from real-life experienced ravers who know exactly what they’re talking about! So don’t hesitate any longer – what are you waiting for? Get glowing – let’s RAVE!

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