Coachella Attire Highlights And Ideas For Next Year

Coachella Attire Highlights And Ideas For Next Year

With Coachella now in the past, it’s time to look back and reflect on what made this year’s event so unique – particularly when it comes to fashion. From stunning floral prints and statement accessories to spectacularly coordinated outfits, festival attire was a significant highlight of Coachella. If you attended the music fest or are already gearing up for next year’s edition, make sure your wardrobe is on-point with our inspiring roundup of outfit ideas and trends from the much-talked-about weekend.

Nine Unique Outfits at Coachella This Year: 

Coachella 2022 was one for the books! This year’s annual music and arts festival edition saw incredible looks from the celebrity crowd.

1- Doja Cat. 

Doja Cat attended in a truly eye-catching ensemble – she wore a crop top and miniskirt set with a psychedelic black-and-white pattern. 

2- Hailey Bieber. 

Hailey Bieber opted for something slightly more subdued but just as fashionable, pairing a white tank top and crop top with a red vest.

3- Halle Bailey. 

Halle Bailey went all out with her clothing choice, stepping onto the scene in an attention-grabbing hot pink cutout dress. 

4- Elsa Hosk. 

Elsa Hosk rocked up at Coachella wearing a Coach bikini top paired with patterned pants and chunky black-and-blue cowboy boots – plus accessories, including a white shoulder bag. 

5- Paris Hilton. 

Paris Hilton also turned heads, sporting an ultra-glamorous bedazzled black mesh dress with a silver underbust corset, sparkling silver cap, and platform boots featuring fire details. 

6- Vanessa Hudgens. 

Vanessa Hudgens didn’t shy away from bold colors either; she stepped out in hot pink shorts paired with a matching airy blouse and finished her look with an oversized floppy hat. 

7- Harry Styles. 

Harry Styles took things up a notch by arriving at Coachella dressed quite literally to impress – he donned his signature rainbow jumpsuit that had everyone talking! 

8- Billie Eilish. 

Billie Eilish was cool yet comfy in her baggy t-shirt adorned by graffiti prints, followed by biker shorts. 

9- Storm Reid. 

At the same time, Storm Reid casually channeled summer vacation vibes by wearing a multicolored print set that gave us major vacation envy!

“What Not to Wear” – Coachella Edition

Ah, Coachella! A time to enjoy the music, bask in the sun and make fashion statements you’ll regret. Don’t be one of those people who wears something inappropriate for a festival where comfort and practicality are key! To keep you looking your best, here are six tips on what not to wear:

  • Anything too constricting or tight – 

Nothing says discomfort quite like trying to move around in an outfit that is too snug! When choosing something cute for Coachella try to choose items that will allow free movement; denim cutoffs and flowy dresses work great.

  • Heavy makeup – 

Festivals aren’t the place for a heavy foundation, tons of concealer, or heavily smoked eyes – significantly when your body temperature can soar depending on which stage you’re close to. Instead, stick with lighter makeup options like tinted SPF moisturizers/sunscreens and waterproof mascaras & liners so sweat won’t ruin your look.

  • Nude colors –

 Though such colors may sound stylish, they can spell disaster at outdoor events like Coachella since dirt, dust, grass stains and more can mess up these shades instead of darker ones that help hide dirt better, bringing back some mysterious allure into play. 

  • High heels – 

Sure, heels provide glamour, but it defeats the purpose when you spend most of your time dancing barefoot because they were killing your feet before then… Opt for sandals with ankle straps or low platform sneakers instead; comfortable yet sexy accessories made ready for a night full of moshing ahead without any wardrobe malfunctions during those mad mosh pits.

  • Flimsy fabrics –

Choose items made from solid material like cotton blends or polyester if possible – it would suck having sweaty clothes sticking onto your skin after every jump around… plus this also avoids embarrassment due to apparel accidents/rips. 

  • Subliminal Advertisement T-Shirts – 

We love our favorite bands, but sensitive issues don’t always qualify as ideal conversation starters during festivals, so manage expectations 😉

Six Best Tips On How should you dress for Coachella?  

When dressing for Coachella, you want to stand out from the crowd. Here are some unique and innovative elements that can help add a bit of your flair to your style:

1) Art Work On Your Outfits. 

Get creative with artwork on your outfits! Whether DIY painting designs or seeking a talented artist who can create something special for you, this is a great way to add an individualized touch when prepping for Coachella.

2) Jackets. 

Go for stylish jackets – think denim or leather if the weather permits. It’s all about having comfortable layers that match well with the rest of your outfit.

3) Hoodies. 

Hoodies are always comfortable but don’t shy away from taking an extra step in making them stylish as well! Look for fun colors and creative graphics/prints so you don’t blend in too much.

4) Vibrant Colors. 

Vibrant colors – go wild here! Opting for vibrantly colored clothes will set off your look and ensure everyone notices how cool you look at Coachella. 

5) Trippy or Psychedelic prints.  

If an authentic trippy style is your aim, try psychedelic prints and patterns on tees, shorts, or even accessories like hats and bandanas. 

6) Backpack 

A trendy backpack completes any outfit while being practical since it allows you to carry essential items without weighing down whatever you wear. With these tips in mind, we hope you can find great ways to express yourself through fashion at Coachella this year!

Need Help? 

For those attending Coachella next year, outfit planning should start now! Pay attention to the themes, materials, and garment elements that have been popular this past year. Luckily, ELYSIAN ART can provide great inspiration for those looking for when designing their outfits. So dream up the bright colors and artfully crafted garments for the perfect Coachella ensemble, and turn heads as you bravely show it off! After all, fashion is about taking risks – so don’t be afraid to be bold. From fringe to lace to tie-dye, everything in between, ELYSIAN ART’s got you covered. Check out their shops today; you’ll be glad you did!

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